Fallen Steel

Fallen Steal is my final year game project currently developed by a 7 students team at Supinfogame.


It is a 4 player cooperative game running on UE4 for PC. 3 TPS commandos have to infiltrate a city. The 4th player supports them through drones with a tactic top view and RTS controls.


Thanks to our game prototype, we received the best grade from the pre-production professional jury in December 2015


I am the Project Manager and also the Tech Artist on Fallen Steel. My goal is to create and use as much procedural materials as possible for all the game in order to increase the visual quality without increase the cost.



I am the team manager


I am in charge of each tech art tasks


I also fix issues on meshes and UVs.


Release date : june 2016 (WIP)


Production : 8month


Team size : 7 persons

(3 Graph / 3 GD / 1 Prog)


Technology : UE4