I produced quickly

a lot of assets.


I thought about a very

uncommon gamedesign


Release date : 2013


Production : 48 hours


Team size : 7 persons

(4 Graph / 2 GD / 1 Prog)


Technology : Unity

Keyboard Mandala was prototyped during the ArtGame Weekend 4. The topic of the game jam was "performance and controllers"


With Keyboard Mandala, one player is the traveler visiting the desert with an xbox controller, while the second player is the creator-musician, giving life thanks to the music playing with a keyboard. Almost every key is associated with an asset.


Then the game has had a lot of success. We were invited to the famous AMaze Festival (Deutschland) and other show in Heidenbourg (Netherlands) or Brighton (England). We also have a very enthusiastic paragraph on Gamasutra.

Keyboard Mandala