Le Royaume


It was a good experience of a

production in two weeks with 20 people.


I had to design and animate

half of the interactive assets.


It was my first experience

in animation. I learned a lot

about Adobe Flash.


Le Royaume was an order from the well-known publishing company Dupuis Edition. We had 2 weeks to prototype a browser-based game inspired by their series named Le Royaume. It was a student project at Supinfogame.


François is chasing Anne (the main characters of the comic). It is a runner, so your goal is to help Anne to run throw each environments to reach the end without being touched by François. But the player doesn't control Anne, he controls the yellow bird which follows the cursor.


The player can help Anne to avoid the obstacle. He can blow piles of leaves/dust/..., cover holes by dragging stuff in them, and so on


Release date : 2012


Production : 2 weeks


Team size : 20 persons

(10 Graph / 9 GD / 1 Prog)


Technology : Flash AS3