WatchOut was an order from Gameloft. We had 2 weeks to make a game prototype on tablet, with two constraint : we must have "coopétition" gameplay and zombies' universe. It was a student project at Supinfogame.


We designed an asynchronous game with two kind of gameplay. There are the watcher and walkers. You can play up to four walkers (1 tablet per player) who are in a deserted factory during the night. They can only see zombies if they're close to them. So to travel the level, walkers must count on the support of the watcher who has the vision of all the level.


On the project, I managed two younger students on assets production workflow for their first game on Unity (I especially taught them geometry optimization, unwrap and texturing). I also produced many assets for the level building.



I managed and teach two

youngers students


I set up a workflow on the

3D assets production


Always thinking modular




Release date : 2014


Production : 2 weeks


Team size : 10 persons

(5 Graph / 4 GD / 1 Prog)


Technology : Unity